Spider™ Pop-Up Display System

Spider Pop-Up Display

  • The workhorse pop-up of the display industry
  • The most reliable pop-up system on the market, 100% made in North America
  • Self-locking rigid frame features durable aircraft-grade ⅜″ thick square aluminium tubing
  • Field-repairable frame comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee
  • Shatter-proof hubs and channel bars for trouble-free long term use
  • Integrated levelling feet for uneven show floors
  • Self-aligning magnets on panels create a seamless look
  • Looks great with either graphic mural panels or Velcro-receptive panels
  • Optional internal or external shelves, monitor cut-outs and backlit transparencies
  • Complete 10′ kit with lights and podium kit packs into a single rotationally-molded shipping case
  • Optional one-piece 3-in-1 folding channel bars
  • Next-day shipping available in popular colours
  • Panel options include fabric, digital and vinyl
  • Accessories include interior and exterior shelving, backlighting, case to counter conversion kits, backlit headers, and lighting

Basic or Standard Series

  • The basic series is limited to 5′ tabletops with PVC bars and 8′ and 10′ curved kits with aluminium channel bars either single or 3-in-1
  • The basic kits do not include a light compartment with a spare bulb in the cases as do the standard series
  • Fabric panels for the basic series are vegas fabric while the standard series are front runner
  • The basic series is a less expensive series and the standard series offers a complete line of options and accessories including digital panels
  • Both series have the same strong but lightweight frame with adjustable feet


Spider Setup 1Spider Setup 2Spider Setup 3

Easy set-up

Spider Table Top ConfigurationSpider 10′ Configuration

Available in table top and 10′ configurations…

Spider 20′ Configuration 1Spider 20′ Configuration 2Spider 20′ Configuration 3

…and a variety of 20′ configurations

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