Retractable Banners

Retractable Banner

Finally, there is a one-stop shopping solution for all your special events, lobby signage, trade shows and sales people on the run. This innovative, high-quality display enables you to “hit the ground running”. The entire display retracts into the aluminium base unit, which fits in a small “carry-on-size” black nylon bag.

  • Quick, easy, durable and cost effective
  • Aesthetically pleasing fabric that is strong and reliable
  • Large image area, 33″ × 84″ or 39″ × 84″
  • Photographic quality digital printing
  • Replaceable image area, not limited to one print
  • Multi-dimensional marketing piece used for corporate branding, way finding signage, product shots, trade shows, mission statements, and event awareness


Retractable Banner Setup 1Retractable Banner Setup 2Retractable Banner Setup 3

Extremely fast and easy set-up